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A potential first-in-class, topical DYRK1A inhibitor presenting an innovative approach to treat autoimmune dermatologic diseases.

FRTX-03 is a topically formulated, potential first-in-class DYRK1A inhibitor that aims to provide a novel and convenient treatment option for patients with mild-to-moderate skin conditions. Topical administration with FRTX-03 has demonstrated promising efficacy in several preclinical in vivo models of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis as compared with current treatments. FRTX-03’s mechanism through inhibition of DYRK1A is differentiated from many current topical standard-of-care therapies, such as steroids, which are broadly immunosuppressing and associated with side effects such as skin thinning telangiectasias, folliculitis, and contact dermatitis. FRTX-03 is currently in the formulation optimization stage of preclinical development.