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Fresh Collaborations

At Fresh Tracks Therapeutics, we’re eager to work with like–minded partners that share our deep passion for positively changing the lives of those suffering with debilitating, high impact diseases.

We are continuously evaluating new opportunities to further expand our pipeline of novel, disruptive programs. We focus on drug candidates that:

  • Are new molecular entities modulating novel targets, meaning they have a real opportunity to be potential first-in-class and/or best-in-class treatments
  • Satisfy an unmet medical need or provide a newer, improved alternative to existing therapies
  • Have demonstrated positive results in animal disease models and/or clinical studies
  • Are capable of being, or have been, patent protected
  • Possess significant sales potential in major global markets

We also understand that it takes a passionate, dedicated team to truly make a difference in patients’ lives. As such, we’re always looking for creative ways to forge long-standing partnerships that will help us efficiently and effectively advance our existing programs on a global scale.

If you have a fresh technology that you believe may be of interest to us, or if you’re interested to collaborate on any of our current development-stage programs, please contact us at or fill out the form below.

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